Ulysses and the Golden Apple

An experimental, funny and cryptic adventure of the astute Homeric hero.  Not exactly what you would expect from a graphic novel.

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First grade typography: Animalphabet

An amusing typographical tour-de-force.
An animal for every letter of the alphabet, and everyone is drawn using all the letters that compose its name: can you recognize them all?

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Una golosa serata di gala con Rossini, Verdi e Puccini

To sit at a table three great Italian opera composers of different eras can be done only in your mind, as you do on a theater scene. Inviting to the table even some of their characters, as Rosina, the beloved of Count Almaviva, or Rigoletto and Gilda, who prepared noodles for everyone, and Madama Butterfly that perhaps loved sushi, can be done only with an acrobatic invention, all in all less complicated than some opera libretto. In this divertissement, which is also a loving tribute to the growing passion for opera and cuisine, some recipes are true, others received in a dream. How about eating a stew of donkey at Piacenza, prepared by Azucena? Or barricading a nice full-bodied red wine in a seasoned and majestic bass? Gioachino Rossini would, perhaps adding foie gras and a nice truffle. Giuseppe Verdi and Giacomo Puccini would have approved with a toast 'nei lieti calici'.

If you want the English translation, drop me a line and I will send you a pdf of the English text.

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Dioniso DiVino

The life of the mythological God Dionysus and the agricultural calendar in the vineyard run parallel: twelve chapters and twelve illustrations narrate the divine creation of wine.

Text in English and Italian.

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