I am an American painter living in Florence, Italy.

Watercolors are my medium (although I’m in digital illustration as well), the human soul my subject, traveling my metaphor, and the inner child my inspiration.

Son of an Italian mother and a Flemish father, I am influenced by the painting traditions and traveling nature of my ancestral countries. From the Flemish comes my surrealistic eye, to Italian art I owe color and construction. Travel has become my perfect metaphor for life with its storms, dead calms, shipwrecks, and rescues.

In spite of the sorrows that life brings, I speak to the inner child, reminding you that the world is an enchanted island.

I was raised and educated in Italy and have an M.D. in Chemistry but no formal education in art. For this reason, although I have an ardent love for some ancient and modern masters (from Vermeer to Magritte, from Bosch to Steinberg), I have been able to develop my very personal style. I have been painting for many years, had several solo exhibitions, and sold my artwork to collectors from all parts of the world.

For more information on my work or to just say hello, feel free to get in touch.

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